Programme participants

Our other guests and people that will be appearing at the convention and/or participating in the programme:

Ahrvid Engholm, Swedish author of numerous short stories, usually science fiction. Some of his stories, almost all of them science fictional crime stories, are collected in Mord på månen.

Amanda Downum, American fantasy author living in Texas. She has written several short stories, some with a Lovecraftian theme, and the first two volumes of her fantasy series The Necromancer Chronicles have been shortlisted for awards.

Anders Fager, Swedish horror author and game designer. His debut story collection Svenska kulter was picked up by a major publisher and reissued in an expanded edition. The collection borders on being a fixup novel; the stories tie into each other gradually uncovering a lovecraftian Sweden. A text by Anders can be read here.

Annika Johansson, Swedish author, librarian and critic. She has written a couple of nonfiction studies of fantasy and horror literature.

Börje Crona
, Swedish author and translator who has written one novel and a number of short story collections.

Cecilia Wennerström, Swedish author and publisher. She has published a three-part fantasy series, Sagan om Rand, and also runs her own small press, Wela förlag.

Charles Stross, award winning science fiction author based in Scotland.

Christina Brönnestam, Swedish translator and author of the fantasy novel Svart eld.

Dan Hörning
, Swedish author and game designer. He has published three fantasy novels set in the world of a Swedish roleplaying game.

Erik Granström, Swedish author and game designer. In the 1980s he wrote a series of roleplaying scenarios that gathered a cult following, and he is now writing a fantasy trilogy based on the same ideas.

Fredrik Lindblom, Swedish fantasy author and publisher (Ascentoria).

Hannu Rajaniemi
, author of the science fiction novel The Quantum Thief(2010) and a number of short stories. Originally from Finland, now living in Scotland.

Johannes Heldén
, Swedish artist and poet. His sf interest has influenced both his pictures and poems. The poetry book Science Fiction contains sf tropes and names of sf authors.

Kalle Dixelius
, Swedish author and journalist. His debut novel Toffs bok is a dystopia set in Sweden in the 2200s, a time when books has been outlawed.

Kari Sperring, British fantasy author of short stories and one novel, Living with Ghosts, listed on the Honours list of the Tiptree Award 2010. As Dr Kari Maund she is an expert on the medieval history of the Celtic countries.

Karin Tidbeck, Swedish author, creative writing instructor and text consultant. Her debut collection Vem är Arvid Pekon? contains stories probably best described as weird fiction. She is a graduate of Clarion.

Kristina Hård, Swedish author. Her debut novel Alba was hard science fiction, her second is mainstream and she is now working on a fantasy novel.

M. D. Lachlan, British author who has written several realistic novels under his real name Mark Barrowcliffe before the historic fantasy novel Wolfsangel about Vikings with magic elements from Norse mythology.

Mattias Lönnebo
, Swedish author of books for young adults. His latest novel,Amsalor och draken, is a fantasy with dragons and magic.

Nene Ormes, Swedish author and book seller. Her debut novel is an urban fantasy set in her native Malmö, where she also works in the science fiction bookstore.

Niklas Krog, Swedish author. He has written a large number of novels, mostly for young adults. Much of his work is fantasy, but he also does historical fiction, contemporary fiction and science fiction.

Pål Eggert, Swedish author. His latest novel De döda fruktar födelsen is an urban fantasy about angels.

Sara Bergmark Elfgren
, Swedish author and script writer. Her debut novel is the young adult fantasy Cirkeln, written together with Mats Strandberg.

Stefan Gurt, Swedish author of twelve novels, many with sf elements. The latest, Minnen av framtiden, is set to some extent on Mars.

Steven Savile, British author and editor living in Sweden. He has won several awards for his fantasy and horror stories, which are mainly aimed at young adults.

Stig W. Jørgensen, Danish sf author, critic and translator. He discusses sf and similar subjects on his blog.

Åsa Schwarz, Swedish author and computer security expert. All her novels are thrillers, with an increasing amount of nonrealistic elements in the latest one.

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