Where to go on a Halloween Weekend?

Many cities get get very different in the fall. Berlin in the summer and Berlin in the fall feel like  two separate cities. Then it may not be strange that fall can be a bit exiting when it comes to ghost stories.  Here you have 7 “haunted” cities that can turn your autumn weekend into a Halloween-weekend.


If you were someone with a little style and had a lot of money in the 18th century; you probably were a member of the community club Hellfire. On their poker nights there was always this empty chair that was reserved for the devil. Today, the clubhouse is in ruins on Montpelier Hill; which is a nice destination for a day trip. But at night the ruins are haunted by a black cat – big like a medium dog – and with a human face. Definitely nothing I would like to encounter on a dark evening.


The Parisians have used the catacombs in the city for alot of things: From funerals to the meeting place for the French resistance movement. Nowadays, the catacombs are a tourist attraction, and according to the stories all who walk in the underground corridors have a protector in the form of Philibert Aspairt. He got lost and disappeared in the catacombs when he sought protection from the revolution. According to the legend, Philibert’s wraith walks through the catacombs every year on November 3rd to ensure that no-one else meets the same fate as he did.


Who does not know Jack the Ripper? A lesser known Jack is Spring-heeled Jack who haunted the Victorian streets when the darkness fell. This jack supposedly had iron claws, could jump from street to rooftop and sprayed blue fire and sparks. Whether Spring-heeled Jack was a demonic guest or simply someone with a lot of spare time; you may want to take an extra peak over your shoulder when you’re walkng the London Streets at night.


What is a haunted mansion compared to a deserted amusement park? Recently, especially with the new movie It has the monster clown made a comeback and at Spreepark; it really feels like a murderous clown can “trick and treat” you behind the rusty carousel. The Amusement Park Spreepark had its glory days in the 70’s and 80’s, but is now totally abandoned. Swan boats, plastic dinosaurs and a ferris wheel remain and slowly expires as nature  takes over. Those who visited Spreepark tell stories about  children laughing  in the empty buildings.