How to become a member

Preregistering for membership is no longer possible. You will now need to pay on the door, where only SEK will be accepted. The cost of memberships on the door will be:

All three days: SEK 500
Friday: SEK 150
Saturday: SEK 250
Sunday: SEK 150

For ages 13 – 26 the costs are:
All three days: SEK 350
Friday: SEK 100
Saturday: SEK 200
Sunday: SEK 100Children up to the age of 12 are admitted free in the company of a parent.

Upon arrival you will have to register to get your badge and your convention material. During rush hours there will be separate lines for those who are preregistered. We have lists of all names, but if there’s any doubt of your identity, be prepared to produce proof (ID, confirmation mail or receipt of payment). And we need your real name – not your badge name. Also, an ID will be required if it’s not obvious that you are under 26.