1997 Classic Turok: Dinosaur Hunter releases on Xbox One

Turok actually started his career as a comic book hero in the 1950s; but it was on the Nintendo 64 back in 1997 he got his big break as he chased dinosaurs around the screen. Now they are putting both of the first games in the comeback series on the Xbox One.


1997 Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter released on PC and Nintendo 64. A game where you chased dinosaurs with bow and automatic weapons. If this has passed you by; you’ll probably realize that you missed something amazing. Do not be afraid, you now have the chance to play it on your Xbox One!

March 2 – the date dinosaurs fear

The first two Turok games, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil just recently (March 2nd)landed on the Xbox One. The games are updated by Nightdive Studios; which previously released these versions on Microsoft Windows in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

However, any major graphical update can’t be found here; as both games maintain their limited polygons from the 90’s. Turok 2, however, has a new multiplayer mode – if you fanzy that.

Turok, now with a better feeling – over all

In the remasters it’s now easier to see what lies behind the corners or at the horizon; depending on the structure. Even the lighting and resolution have got their distinct parts of upgrades; both of which make wonders for the visual and imminent drive of the mechanics. Already under the actual gameplay; I experience a noticeably better flow compared with the old console variants. This actually reminds me of an old casino classic I recently played; that had been re-vamped to work on today’s market (you can read more about it here:¬†http://newukcasino.com/) The menu system has now been endowed with a range of options where the player can decide everything from details to sound.

Well done, Nightdive Studios

In summary, Nightdive Studios has done splendid¬† job of dusting of theese old jewels. It’s beautiful, weaponically imaginative, bad ass all the way out of the fingertips, and delivers with full force from start to finish. The strange and extremely frustrating level design can be an obstacle but compensated by the field function; to facilitate navigation in the landscape. For old fans, it is a sweet new look, and for newcomers; an updated welcome from ancient times. Turok 1 and Turok 2¬† is well worth the money but just remember that theese are games with mechanics and graphics that was created over twenty years ago.