Famous industry artists at Comic Con San Diego

Comic Con 2017 in San Diego is just around the corner, and as always you can look forward meeting some real artists legends at the event. Here is just a few


Sergio Aragonés
Cartoon, MAD, Groo


One of MAD magazines longest running cartoon artists (only Al Jaffee has been around longer) and creator of Groo the Wanderer, Sergio Aragonés, is one of the most popular creators of the series. In addition to his continued work for MAD also had his own comic book series on Bongo Comics, Sergio Aragonés Funnies. His latest work contains a new series from Dark Horse Comics, Groo: God’s Fray.

Andrew Aydin
Coauthor, MARCH trilogy

Andrew Aydin is the creator and co-author of the # 1 New York Times Best-selling Graphic Memoir Series, MARCH, which tells the life of the congressman and civic symbol John Lewis. Co-author Rep Lewis and illustrated by Nate Powell, March is the first series ever to win the National Book Award and is the recipient of a plethora of different awards for his great work.

About two weeks ago Comic Con Germany was in full swing, and this was actually the second time Germany had the honor to hold the event. At Comic Con Germany you could find all the things that you would find at the regular comic con events, as well as a quite big focus on online casino such as http://casinointernet.de/ for example

Arthur Adams
Artist, Longshot, Marvel covers; Author, artist, Monkeyman and O’Brien

Arthur Adams is an award-winning artist who became an instant fan favorite as pencil on the critically acclaimed 1985 Longshot mini series. His decades-spanning career has included covers and interior work on such titles as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, The Avenger, X-Men, New Mutants, Gen 13, Godzilla, Authority, Danger Girl, Excalibur, Ultimate X, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Hulk. He is also the creator, author and artist of Monkeyman and O’Brien.

Author, Batwoman, DC Bombshells

Marguerite Bennett is a New York Times best-selling comic book writer based in Los Angeles. Her superhero credits include DC Comics’ Batwoman and DC Bombshells. As well as Stages at Batgirl and Lois Lane, and Marvel’s A-Force. At Archie, she writes Josie and Pussycat and Betty & Veronica, and her creative titles. Her prose has appeared in The Secret Loves of Geek Girls. Her work is full of queer characters, heroes, villains, talking animals, bloody revenge fairy tales, female monsters, love & murder.

Box Brown
Author / Artist, André the Giant: Life and Legend, Tetris: The Games People Play

Box Brown (born 1980) founded the publisher’s Retrofit Comics, which has now published over 60 series with different artists. His graphic biography about the professional wrestler André the Giant (Second Giant: Life and Legend, First Second Books). Was published in May 2014 and spent three weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. His book about Tetris (Tetris: The Games People Play) was released in 2016.

Comic Con 2017 in the Casino town – Las Vegas

comic con vegas 2017

There are many entertaining exhibitions around the world. The Comic Con in Las Vegas in 2017 is most likely of the most exciting events next year. The event will take place at 3150 Paradise Rd Las Vegas, NV on June 23th-25th 2017.

For you that do not know about Comic Con it is a yearly event that celebrate comic books and pop culture. The event has many exhibitors with fun and interactive booths. There is also many famous speaker and guest are often dressed up as their favourite comic book characters. It is popular among the attendees that dresses up to enter a competition for best costume. Therefor many people are visiting the Comic Con festivals to either dress up and watch other people that have spends weeks sometimes months in making a nice costume.

The admission fee start at $25 but reaches up to several hundred dollars if you are going for the VIP-packages. With the the VIP-packages you will get exclusive products from for example Starwars. We have been to this event several times and can highly recommend it to others.

Comic Con Casino Las Vegas 2017The event will take place in the Convention Center but we recommend to stay on the Strip to be have close to the fun in the evening. One particular hotel that we enjoy is Bellagio Hotel & Casino. Here you will find great food, bars and nightclubs. You will also be able to play at the famous casino. With a wide selection of black jack, roulette, poker, craps and slot machines. Last time we got so excited about playing casino so we actually continued playing online when we got home. If you want to test a casino for free you can try a no deposit casino and get a free bonus. Once you feel comfortable about playing for money you get great welcome bonuses when you deposit money on an online casino. Sometimes you can get up to 400% deposit bonus. Here you can find a list of the best online casino 2017. Be aware of your bankroll though, since it can be addictive to play casino online.

If you have any recommendation about Comic Con 2017, what to do and what to see. Please share! If you choose to go to this town of casino and entertainment we wish you lots of fun.

Eurocon 2016 in Barcelona

eurocon 2016

The Eurocon 2016 was held in Barcelona between the 4th and 6th of November 2016 and the venue was the CCCB at Montalegre in Barcelona, Spain. There were many interesting guests of honour attending, among them Aliette de Bodard, Richard Morgan, Péter Michaleczky, Andrzej Sapkowski, Rhianna Pratchett as well as Brandon Sanderson and Albert Sánchez Piñol.

During the signature day at Gigamesh, the main panels were streamed live for everyone to see, and here we saw many of the guests of honour to talk and sign books and autographs. Among them were Brandon Sanderson, born 1975 in Nebraska, USA. This fantasy author is famous for his triology Mistborn among others. We also saw Richard Morgan, the fantasy and fiction author as well as novel writer featuring Marvel character Black Widow. He has also worked with games in the sci-fi genre.

eurocon 2016

The Eurocon Barcelona was a truly great event and there was also the George Orwell walking tour to be taken by the participants. Of course there was also a party at the Eurocon 16 and not only one party either! On Friday on the 4th of November, there was a party at Glups sponsored by the SuperSonic magazine. This was a great moment to meet and greet an have a few drinks with fans from all over the world and we want to thank SuperSonic for making this happen. There was also another party that we didn´t attend on Friday and that was the party at the CCCB cafeteria with a presentation and readings from some amazing books. There was also a screening by Riot Uber Alles and Cisco Bellabestia and also a DJ playing some tunes. We heard that this was also a great party.

We are very much looking forward to the upcoming Eurocons so stay put for more info here at the blog. You can also find more new at the Science Fiction and Fact Concatenation. Over and out for now!

Souvenir Book & The Wisent

Souvenir Book & The Wisent

The convention souvenir book was given to all participants. If you’ve lost yours, or wasn’t there, you can download this fantastic book, created by Anna Davour and Johan Anglemark, in pdf format.

Souvenir book

And here’s the Programme Guide Book

Did you miss the convention newsletter? Here you can download all three issues of The Wisent, so craftily produced by Linnéa and her crew, every day of Eurocon 2011.

The Wisent #1
The Wisent #2
The Wisent #3

(PDF format)