1997 Classic Turok: Dinosaur Hunter releases on Xbox One

Turok actually started his career as a comic book hero in the 1950s; but it was on the Nintendo 64 back in 1997 he got his big break as he chased dinosaurs around the screen. Now they are putting both of the first games in the comeback series on the Xbox One.


1997 Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter released on PC and Nintendo 64. A game where you chased dinosaurs with bow and automatic weapons. If this has passed you by; you’ll probably realize that you missed something amazing. Do not be afraid, you now have the chance to play it on your Xbox One!

March 2 – the date dinosaurs fear

The first two Turok games, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil just recently (March 2nd)landed on the Xbox One. The games are updated by Nightdive Studios; which previously released these versions on Microsoft Windows in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

However, any major graphical update can’t be found here; as both games maintain their limited polygons from the 90’s. Turok 2, however, has a new multiplayer mode – if you fanzy that.

Turok, now with a better feeling – over all

In the remasters it’s now easier to see what lies behind the corners or at the horizon; depending on the structure. Even the lighting and resolution have got their distinct parts of upgrades; both of which make wonders for the visual and imminent drive of the mechanics. Already under the actual gameplay; I experience a noticeably better flow compared with the old console variants. This actually reminds me of an old casino classic I recently played; that had been re-vamped to work on today’s market (you can read more about it here: http://newukcasino.com/) The menu system has now been endowed with a range of options where the player can decide everything from details to sound.

Well done, Nightdive Studios

In summary, Nightdive Studios has done splendid  job of dusting of theese old jewels. It’s beautiful, weaponically imaginative, bad ass all the way out of the fingertips, and delivers with full force from start to finish. The strange and extremely frustrating level design can be an obstacle but compensated by the field function; to facilitate navigation in the landscape. For old fans, it is a sweet new look, and for newcomers; an updated welcome from ancient times. Turok 1 and Turok 2  is well worth the money but just remember that theese are games with mechanics and graphics that was created over twenty years ago.

3 Animerade DC-filmer som är bättre än DCEU-filmerna

Det är ganska allmänt accepterat att DC inte har haft jättehög kvalitet på sina biofilmer den senaste tiden. Något som de dock lyckats bättre med är deras animerade rullar.

Vi har sett en del “floppar” från DC den senaste tiden (Suicide Squad, host host); men på deras animationsavdelning har DC tagit homerun efter homerun. Många av dessa berättelser har fångat de komiska böckernas ikoniska hjältar bättre än vad live-action filmerna gjort under det senaste decenniet.

Om Justice League lämnade en dålig smak i munnen; kommer dessa filmer få tillbaka din kärlek för DC:s-hjältar.

Wonder Woman (2009)

Det är ett bra jobb att återberätta Wonder Womans ursprungsberättelse (eller åtminstone en av dom), innan den kom ut ur vägen för ett världsomspännande äventyr fyllt med romantik, förräderi och massor av mörk magi. Den sista aspekten är superviktig; eftersom magi och trolldom är starkt knuten till en hel del Wonder Womans berättelser. Något som både Marvel och DC hade problem med, (åtminstone före Dr Strange); är hur deras filmer hanterar elementen som kommer från att introducera magi som något med substans i  båda företagens filmuniversum.

Tecknade Wonder Woman löser detta problem, genom att satsa fullt ut på magin. Det finns inte många filmer som slutar med en armé av zombies som attackerar Vita huset.

Bonuspoäng för att skapa en scen, så ikonisk för Wonder Woman att även live-action-filmen måste ta anteckningar från den. Jag pratar med den kända glasscenen.

All Star Superman (2011)

Förmodligen är Superman den enskilde hjälten som gjort bort sig mest i DCEU. I serierna, (trots att han är en konstig alien); har Superman dock alltid haft en ödmjuk charm och karisma från uppväxten i Smallville.

Regissören Zack Snyder notera nog inte detta; så vi fick bara den konstiga alien Superman. I själva verket är All-Star Superman på många sätt motsatsen till Man of Steel. I stället för en lång, uppblåst, utdragen, ritad ursprungshistoria gör All-Star Superman det mesta rätt.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (2012)

Den som har även lite kunskap om serier, känner nog väl till Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight ReturnsDet är en av de berättelser som landar bland de bästa genreexemplen,  bredvid berättelser som som Watchmen och The Killing Joke.

Zack Snyder tyckte om det så mycket att han lånade delar av den till Batman V Superman, inklusive den ikoniska animationsstilen.

Dark Knight Returns är en dekonstruktion av Batman-karaktären. Det tar den bästa delen av hans personlighet, lägger till en tung skopa med salt och dumpar honom i ett äldre Gotham City; som inte tror att de  behöver honom längre.

Men en aspekt till att den här historien fungerar, var att man valde att gå sida vid sida me dden ikoniska Batman-serietidningen; där han kämpade mot brott, spöade pingvinen och gjorde alla de där vanliga superhjälte-sakerna.

Famous industry artists at Comic Con San Diego

Comic Con 2017 in San Diego is just around the corner, and as always you can look forward meeting some real artists legends at the event. Here is just a few


Sergio Aragonés
Cartoon, MAD, Groo


This is one of the magazine MAD’s most famous artists, and also the creator of Aragonés, Groo the Wanderer, is one of the series most popular creators. except for his continued work on MAD, his own project Sergio Aragonés Funnies also was very popular on Bongo Comics. His latest work contains new material from Dark Horse Comics.

Andrew Aydin
Coauthor, MARCH trilogy

Andrew Aydin is the number one  Best-selling Graphic-artist behind the  Memoir Series, MARCH. Co-author R.Lewis and drawn by N. Powell, Its the first series ever to win the Book price: N.B.A and is the recipient of a plethora of different awards for his great work.

About two weeks ago Comic Con Germany was in full swing, and this was actually the second time Germany had the honor to hold the event. At Comic Con Germany you could find all the things that you would find at the regular comic con events, as well as a quite big focus on online casino such as http://casinointernet.de/ for example

Arthur Adams
Artist, Longshot, Marvel covers; Author, artist, Monkeyman

Arthur Adams became an instant fan favorite for the critically acclaimed mini series Longshot from 85. He have a career spanning many decades, and have made comic-covers and work on such titles as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man,New Mutants,  X-Men, The Avenger, Authority,Godzilla , Gen 13, Excalibur, Hulk , Danger Girl, Ultimate X and  The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Author, Batwoman, DC Bombshells

Marguerite Bennett, a comic book writer who is based in LA. She is a NY Times bestseller, and her many comics include legendary characters such as: Batwoman,  Lois Lane, and Marvel AForce. Her work is full of gay characters, heroes, villains, talking animals, monsters and  love & murder.

Box Brown
Author / Artist, André the Giant, Tetris

Box Brown is the founder of the Retrofit Comics, which has now been published in over 60 series. His written and drawn biography about wrestler André the Giant. The comic was published in May of 2014, and was three whole weeks on the bestseller lists. His book “Tetris” about the famous game, came out in 2016. This book got a lot of praise when it was released and really went in under the skin of the game.

Comic Con 2017 in the Casino town – Las Vegas

comic con vegas 2017

There are many entertaining exhibitions around the world. The Comic Con in Las Vegas in 2017 is most likely of the most exciting events next year. The event will take place at 3150 Paradise Rd Las Vegas, NV on June 23th-25th 2017.

For you that do not know about Comic Con it is a yearly event that celebrate comic books and pop culture. The event has many exhibitors with fun and interactive booths. There is also many famous speaker and guest are often dressed up as their favourite comic book characters. It is popular among the attendees that dresses up to enter a competition for best costume. Therefor many people are visiting the Comic Con festivals to either dress up and watch other people that have spends weeks sometimes months in making a nice costume.

The admission fee start at $25 but reaches up to several hundred dollars if you are going for the VIP-packages. With the the VIP-packages you will get exclusive products from for example Starwars. We have been to this event several times and can highly recommend it to others.

Comic Con Casino Las Vegas 2017The event will take place in the Convention Center but we recommend to stay on the Strip to be have close to the fun in the evening. One particular hotel that we enjoy is Bellagio Hotel & Casino. Here you will find great food, bars and nightclubs. You will also be able to play at the famous casino. With a wide selection of black jack, roulette, poker, craps and slot machines. Last time we got so excited about playing casino so we actually continued playing online when we got home. If you want to test a casino for free you can try a no deposit casino and get a free bonus. Once you feel comfortable about playing for money you get great welcome bonuses when you deposit money on an online casino. Sometimes you can get up to 400% deposit bonus. Here you can find a list of the best online casino 2017. Be aware of your bankroll though, since it can be addictive to play casino online.

If you have any recommendation about Comic Con 2017, what to do and what to see. Please share! If you choose to go to this town of casino and entertainment we wish you lots of fun.

Eurocon 2016 in Barcelona

eurocon 2016

The Eurocon 2016 was held in Barcelona between the 4th and 6th of November 2016 and the venue was the CCCB at Montalegre in Barcelona, Spain. There were many interesting guests of honour attending, among them Aliette de Bodard, Richard Morgan, Péter Michaleczky, Andrzej Sapkowski, Rhianna Pratchett as well as Brandon Sanderson and Albert Sánchez Piñol.

During the signature day at Gigamesh, the main panels were streamed live for everyone to see, and here we saw many of the guests of honour to talk and sign books and autographs. Among them were Brandon Sanderson, born 1975 in Nebraska, USA. This fantasy author is famous for his triology Mistborn among others. We also saw Richard Morgan, the fantasy and fiction author as well as novel writer featuring Marvel character Black Widow. He has also worked with games in the sci-fi genre.

eurocon 2016

The Eurocon Barcelona was a truly great event and there was also the George Orwell walking tour to be taken by the participants. Of course there was also a party at the Eurocon 16 and not only one party either! On Friday on the 4th of November, there was a party at Glups sponsored by the SuperSonic magazine. This was a great moment to meet and greet an have a few drinks with fans from all over the world and we want to thank SuperSonic for making this happen. There was also another party that we didn´t attend on Friday and that was the party at the CCCB cafeteria with a presentation and readings from some amazing books. There was also a screening by Riot Uber Alles and Cisco Bellabestia and also a DJ playing some tunes. We heard that this was also a great party.

We are very much looking forward to the upcoming Eurocons so stay put for more info here at the blog. You can also find more new at the Science Fiction and Fact Concatenation. Over and out for now!

Souvenir Book & The Wisent

Souvenir Book & The Wisent

The convention souvenir book was given to all participants. If you’ve lost yours, or wasn’t there, you can download this fantastic book, created by Anna Davour and Johan Anglemark, in pdf format.

Souvenir book

And here’s the Programme Guide Book

Did you miss the convention newsletter? Here you can download all three issues of The Wisent, so craftily produced by Linnéa and her crew, every day of Eurocon 2011.

The Wisent #1
The Wisent #2
The Wisent #3

(PDF format)